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Silver Car

Our Price

Contact Picarsso today to book your vehicle in for ceramic paint protection application.

New Cars - From £475

Within 3 weeks of delivery of your new vehicle, we can completely protect the integrity of a brand new paint finish. You’ve invested in your car – let us keep it showroom perfect, everyday.

Used Cars - From £550*

The condition of older cars can vary. We evaluate the car and offer you the best options to restore and correct your paint. We cut, polish, retouch and improve the undercoat, then we apply the diamond shine to finish.

*variations apply

Just correction with Alwaysdry Sealer - From £350

Correction only - From £350*

Correction process which includes, decontamination - fall out remover, tar and glue, clay mitt, before starting 3 stage polishing and removal of any scratches and swirling within the clear coat, one stage rotary wool, 2 stages med and fine DA correction, then permanently coated/protected with Alwaysdry LDC9HPRO ceramic coating which we import, this can be completed in one or two days depending on vehicle condition and labour hours required.


Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

Car paint protection experts based County Durham, UK.

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